The Procrastination Trail

I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time (read: 12 years), but a lack of technical expertise, and a strong streak of perfectionism has rendered me prostrate with a sense of hopelessness.

Basically, I have been procrastinating for 43 years. I am EXCELLENT at procrastinating. I could do a thesis on it. Teach people how to do it. Win awards for it. (Oh, I wish there was a Procrastination Award!)

This is an example of my thought processes and procrastination trail on Wednesday, when I was putting off writing my first blog post:

  1. Decide to write first blog post.
  2. Hmmm. Ironing basket looks full. I’ll just ‘zero’ the ironing basket (i.e. do every single little item right down to an old handkerchief that has been sitting in the basket for 5 years) while listening to this old album by The Waifs that I just found. (Yay!)
  3. What was the name of that guy in The Waifs?
  4. Find album cover and look up name. OH, YES, Josh. That’s right. Josh. Hmm. he was cute. I wonder if he ever got married.
  5. Google ‘Josh Cunningham’ to see if he ever got married.
  6. Spend next hour looking at every article / You Tube video of The Waifs from the past 10 years.
  7. While Googling, discover new recipe.
  8. Check pantry for ingredients to make recipe.
  9. Missing three vital ingredients. Need to go to shop.
  10. Need shower before I go to shop, because hair is hideous, and might run into someone I know.
  11. Drive into town to buy ingredients.
  12. Remember that I need Halloween costume for my daughter.
  13. Get home several hours later with groceries, a Halloween costume and library books.
  14. Ummm…What was I meant to be doing?

So, I am pleased to say that now, on the last Friday afternoon in October 2015, I am finally throwing myself into the arms of the cyber world, putting myself on a platter (in a manner of speaking) and presenting to you my first ever blog post.

I dedicate my first post to Cassie, who popped the procrastination bubble and helped me get started. x