I’m a modern day Martha Stewart wannabe, with a demanding pre-schooler and a workaholic husband who doesn’t know how to work the oven.

I’ve had so many different jobs and careers that I can’t even count them anymore.

And here’s the thing: I actually LIKE being a housewife. This role is drastically underrated by society, and I’m ready to turn that around.

I call myself the UnStepford Wife because I’m not perfect (let’s face it, who is?) but I AM all for trying to achieve the best possible results with limited time and resources.

We are all in this together. x

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Bahahahahahahaha! The Procrastination Trial!!! “Google Josh Cunningham” & I gave a mighty guffaw! I DO THAT!!! Good work, Penne! I’m loving your blog. No more procrastinating, please!

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