The Birthday Festival


Several years ago, I had a horrible birthday. I can’t exactly remember what happened, but I vowed from thereon that I would take control and make each birthday better than the last.

I started by turning it into a weeklong festival. During that week, I did whatever I wanted. I ate out, went shopping, went to the movies, did minimum housework, got a pedicure, went to the beach… and I was determined that it was all guilt-free. It was quite easy initially, because I didn’t have any children.

A side note on guilt: So many of us feel guilty if we take time for ourselves. It was one of the biggest hurdles I encountered with the Birthday Festival, but over the years I’ve almost overcome it and I would encourage you to try too.

Fast forward a few years and Lulu was born. It became harder to take time for myself during the Festival, so I stretched it out over the month of February. February became The Month-Long Festival of Penne. (To this day, my husband calls it that.)

There are lots of ways to turn your birthday month into a festival without blowing the budget, and here are a few:

  • My local Ella Bache salon offers a half-price facial during the birthday month of clients. Pampering at half the price.
  • If you are a Cellarmasters customer, they send a $25 voucher for your birthday. You can buy some nice bubbles to celebrate!
  • Ikea Family members – receive a free cake
  • My local shoe shop sends me a 25% discount voucher for my birthday month.
  • As a customer of Jo Malone, they will send you a card enabling you to claim a hand massage and perfume sample.

These options pertain to me and my lifestyle (and purchasing habits), however many places offer treats and discounts for birthday months. You don’t have to be spending money the whole time, but obviously if you’re clutching a discount voucher it’s a good time to buy things you might need / want.

There are other less ‘consumery’ things that I like to do during the birthday festival: beach walks, coffee with friends, swimming…it’s all about trying to slow down and doing something lovely each day.

My birthday was last week. The Month-long Festival is drawing to a close, but I’m not feeling blue.

It’s been the best one ever.




13 thoughts on “The Birthday Festival

  1. Sneddy and I call it ‘the festival of the happy day’. I love your festivities Penne. I hadn’t realised you were an Aquarians as well (or if i had, I’d forgotten). Happy fabulous birthday festival to you xx

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    1. I love your name for it Lyn! Have you just had a birthday? If so, happy Festival of the Happy Day! I’m actually a Pisces…right on the cusp. When it comes to horoscopes, I read both Aquarius and Pisces, then choose the nicest one!! 😉 xx


  2. Love it Penne. I’ll definately be taking on some of your tips for next years birthday. I have a membership with Palace Cinemas & you get a free ticket when you join up & also another freebie on your birthday so you really get your money back. Great deal. I managed to stretch my birthday for a week at the end of January. A month sounds much better. 😉
    Margie x

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  3. I love the whole idea of this Penne .. And even the words ‘Birthday Festval’ . I will do the same, starting this Christmas Eve………I need to get planning !! X

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  4. Great post Penne. Such a fabulous idea that I am going to copy! Roll on Christmas Eve !! Good to see you back blogging and. Really love the ‘birthday festival’ title. Very glad to hear you’ve been looking after yourself, and a happy belated birthday to you, from us all in Scotland.xx p.s. A bit of light snow here again this morn…

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    1. Hi Audrey, and thank you! I’m aiming to be a much more consistent blogger this year, now that Lulu is at school. (Let’s see how that goes!) I definitely think you need to embrace the Birthday Festival, especially at that time of year. I will remind you as the time gets closer! 🙂 xxx


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